IDA Office

• To furnish a cost effective, professional economic development organization for Washington County.

• To foster a unified vision for the County while allowing each business to maintain a unique community spirit.

• To address maturing commercial and residential structures and infrastructure which have become challenging.

• To encourage and develop new infrastructure to meet future needs.

• To encourage businesses and families to remain in and/or relocate to the Washington County.

• To act as a clearinghouse for demographic, financial, economic, site and building, and community information which serves as an important resource for businesses considering an expansion or new location.

• To provide coordination and communication between governmental and quasi-governmental units. • To serve as a promotional arm for tourism, and business development.

• To represent Washington County’s Economic interest on a regional, state and national level.




The IDA has created an appealing Comprehensive Incentive Plan to attract new businesses and promote expansion in Washington County.

Some of the incentives to include: 

  • Property tax rebates of 75% on NEW buildings in Industrial Parks for 3 years
  • Land in industrial parks $5,000 - $40,000/acre value (5+ job minimum)
  • All utilities available
  • Site Work and gravel/paving for parking lot
  • Access Road to property
  • Research for financial technical assistance
  • Landscaping
  • Waiving of some utility hookup fees
  • Job Training Assistance
  • Access to State Highway 8 and State Highway 0
  • Environmental Attainment Zones
  • Hub Zone Benefits
  • Star Bonds and TDD
  • Designation of TIFF regions
  • Enhanced Enterprise Zone
  • ½  mile proximity to the Washington County Airport 
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