Mission, vision & Purpose


To promote the economic prosperity of Washington County 


To increase the overall quality of life through economic prosperity 

by the enhancement of the local quality of life through increased job opportunities, educating and training a strengthened work ethic within the local workforce. 


The Washington County IDA’s original bylaws outlined the purpose of the organization. “The purposes for which this corporation was organized were to develop, advance, encourage and promote, subject to the limitations imposed by the Industrial Development Authority Act, as amended from time to time, commercial, industrial, agriculture and manufacturing facilities in Washington County, Missouri and its residents.”

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the purpose shall include the following: 

  1. To acquire, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, improve, furnish, equip, maintain, repair, lease finance and sell plants, buildings, structures and facilities, whether or not now in existence, including without limitation the real estate and the required fixtures, equipment and machinery, used or to be used as a factory, assembly plant, manufacturing plant, processing plant, fabricating plant, distribution center, warehouse building, office building or facilities for the prevention, reduction or control of pollution; and 
  2. To do and perform any and all other things necessary or desirable with respect to a Project (as defined in the Industrial Development Authority Act, as amended from time to time) or Projects to the extent permitted by or contemplated by the Industrial Development Authorities. 
  3. In general, to carry on any other activities in connection with each and all of the foregoing or incidental thereto; and to have and exercise each and all of the powers and privileges, either direct or incidental, which are given and provided by or are available under the laws of the State of Missouri in respect of industrial development corporations; provided, however, that the corporation shall not engage in any activity for which a corporation organized under the Industrial Development Authority Act may not be formed under the laws of the State of Missouri.