Manufacturing & Distribution

READY FOR TODAY’S MANUFACTURERS Washington County is an excellent location for manufacturers, thanks to our large and well-trained workforce and our central location. We have plenty of space that’s ready for immediate development. The Missouri-certified Washington County Industrial Park has nearly 80 certified acres with all utilities in place, along with an additional 490 acres, giving companies flexibility for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth. Site costs are surprising low, and with quick and easy zoning and permitting, businesses can locate here and get into operation more quickly. Our industrial parks offer remarkably low utility rates, along with fast broadband service to meet the needs of modern manufacturers.

WITHIN A DAY OF 127+ MILLION CONSUMERS Washington County’s central location puts companies within eight hours, or a day’s truck drive -- roughly 600 miles -- of more than 127 million consumers, allowing distribution and logistics operations excellent reach with remarkably affordable sites and labor. Distribution activities are supported with training programs (many available at no cost to employers) that deliver skills in areas such as product receiving, storage, order processing, inventory control, dispatch and tracking, and trucking. Fast broadband keeps logistics and distribution operations here connected with the world. Plus, our region gives local employers access to a 50-mile labor shed of more than 263,000 hard-working people. The Washington County Industrial Park offers plenty of space with easy access to support distribution operations