Washington County Workforce

Washington County employers benefit from access to a labor shed of more than 163,000 workers within a 50-mile radius. Our proximity to the St. Louis metro offers an alternative to workers in the region who would rather avoid urban traffic and hassles. Just as important, the local labor force is known for its long-term loyalty to employers. As one employer noted, “Washington County workers stick like glue.”

Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC)

You need work-ready employees.  As a Certified Work Ready Community, our educators and employers work together to identify gaps in skills, create career pathways specific to our region, train workers and supply a qualified talent pool. Washington County employers voluntarily submit to the initiative and enjoy the benefits by endorsing the National Career Readiness Certificate program.  This program matches job candidates who have completed the certification in three key areas to employers in need of their specific skills. Click on the images below for more information about the programs and on the ACT logo for a report on workforce readiness.

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MO One Start


The Leader in Pre-Employment Services, Workforce Recruitment and Customized Training. Missouri One Start provides a tailored workforce strategy to address your unique business needs. At no cost to eligible businesses, our team at Missouri One Start will customize services ranging from pre-employment screening and recruitment to designing job-specific training both during and after the onboarding process. Our comprehensive workforce program ensures you have the right workforce, with the right skillset, at the right time.

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Training Programs

Conveniently located, two area higher education institutions work closely with local employers, adjusting programs to deliver skills as requirements and technology change.